Wallie-card and exit Paysafe Group

Paysafe Group Limited is now a multinational online payments company.

Revenue: $1 billion (2016)

Operating income:  $194.4 million (2016)

Net income:  $142.0 million (2016)

Subsidiaries:  Skrill, ‎Neteller‎, ‎paysafecard

After its start at the end of 2003, Wallie has experienced a successful Launch and International expansion.


“With a Brand awareness of 27 %*  we achieved monthly growth of more than 15%. Thanks to our scaling expertise, hard work, entrepreneurship, and network – we have reached this end result” 
– Michael Boevink

*NIPO, the Netherlands Market Research Institute


Global expansion + $1 billion revenue


The Wallie Card was the world’s first prepayment card targeting online prepayments. Conceptually speaking it was to be primarily aimed at young people as a way of paying for online games & online downloads.  The benefit being the opportunity to spend online without needing a Credit Card. Cards & vouchers could be purchased with a credit of € 5, € 10, € 20 & € 50



Unfortunately, no one had even heard of Wallie card, so the task was to advertise it & create demand from the target audience.
We also had to make it widely available from large retail chains and connect with merchants & resellers for mass distribution.

Global expansion
 to  $1 billion revenue




The first hurdle was to get the card officially recognised as a regulated e-money licensed prepaid payment card.  Step 1.
We set up a banking architecture to be able to do regulated payment transactions & received our license.  Next, we created TV ads, and campaigns to target this carefully defined audience who had the desire & need to pay online without using a credit card.  


Later we reached out to major high street retailers in the Netherlands – like  Shell,  Free Record Shop – with 197 retail stores, Mediamarkt, Primera etc) guiding & negotiating the deals & reseller agreements.

Finally in Phase three, over the next 4 years (2006 – 2009)

we expanded internationally, launching into Belgium, Latvia, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Turkey & the USA. 


The Results:    From Zero to hero. Scale4You successfully launched the Worlds 1st  regulated e-money licensed prepaid payment card with our expertise in technology, sales & marketing.

Pay safe exited in 2016 in a mullti-million deal  for an undisclosed sum.

1 to 10 countries

From 0 to 100.000’s of transactions and merchants. From Launch to 10 countries in only 4 years.


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