[Case Study]: Telco ConXhub saw an increase of 1377% in Sales volumes within just 7 months of commencing


Riptec Ltd, a provider of cloud phone, meeting, collaboration and messaging services, was challenged with a lack of sales & zero brand awareness, yet their technology was one of the best of the world.  

They wanted to increase sales & to become market leader in  5G mobile VOIP services. 


From strategy, rebranding, to copy & messaging, to new website to managing their marketing & media buying… we increased sales
by £526,000 in 7 months


After conducting our Workshops it became apparent Riptec had very little focus on their clients & the benefits to WHO they were talking too.

The brand & logo looked amateurish & there was ZERO focus on the Core benefits of the technology or how it addressed the specific needs of their “ideal clients”.


In fact it had so many features, the CEO Mark felt lost.  Also, their website was slow, had bad U/X and was old, tired & looking. But more importantly it communicated no real value to their audience. 

Lastly, it suffered with a bad registration and on boarding process.

They had also dabbled in a number of PPC Marketing campaigns but all had had poor results (not unsurprisingly).  It was a real mess.

Lack of measurement on ROI, and with no CRM system in place – a lack of transparency 100% obscured the  impact of any of their previous investments or attempts to grow their company. 

Analytics was one of the first quick fixes.

What get measured – gets done!

Scale4You became the external Sales &  Marketing extension of the company.  We supported the Founder Mark 24/7 to turn the tide. 

First, we installed transparency into ConXHub’s marketing, sales & media investments and gave the ability to analyse all data in real time.

We were quickly able to see what was working and what wasn’t marketing wise.

Now with TV commercials in the USA, and publicly on ABC, and FOX . ConXhub looks to generate £1.5 million in quarter 3 despite Covid19 and the current global economic downturn.


First we rebranded as ConXhub, concept being they are at the centre od Business Communications, we then built a new website, one that communicated far more effectively about the benefits of their mobile service directly to a B2B marketplace. 

Next we fixed up Registration and installed a better e-Commerce platform. This plus a CRM solution was tied into the launch of a LinkedIN campaign. 

We invested in SEO  as well as installing pilot Sales funnels, and instigated a retargeting & Automated marketing process


Increase of £526,000 p/a in the first 7 months

The Results:

Upon launching the campaign, the Sales started pouring in. Since launch mark the CEO “…I’d be happy with a sale a day” 

Now regularly experiences 379 sales a day – and all on auto-pilot.


“ An Amazing team. Incredible support, knowledge &  expertise without which we would not have increased our growth month on month. I highly recommend them.”



 – Mark Trowbridge
Founder    ph  +44 20 37405005                         


Glenn Burgess

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