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Blockchain as a Service

We are engaged in Digital Securities Reserve Europe (DSR EU). Our group has a track record in the Blockchain industry operating for over 6 years in the industry. We have 9 patents granted centred on Bankcoin reserve technology we now utilise to help increase the customer life time value. Our Team has a proven track record in technology and business growth with experience ranging from being core advisors in the development of Etherium, advisory board members for dHealth Network - which helps individuals control their health records - and board members of exchanges like the CGCX Exchange.

Unique Value proposition Blockchain commodity earning model

You can create your own eco-system fully regulated by law, whereby we utilise our patented technology to increase the value of your community in an Exchange Value Platform. Our typical client wants to scale his/her company and uses this technology to increase the value and revenue of the user base. As well as expands his/her own network being able to offer more services and participants in his/her own Blockchain Network. We tailor the project to the needs of the client.

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